REBIS artist management was founded by Nahuel Blaton with the aim to support artists and music bands in developing their artistic career and to help realize their artistic dreams / wishes / goals.

Being active in the art scene, and more specifically the international music scene, for more than fifteen years, Nahuel has worked all over the world representing Dutch artists and bands. He managed artists such as: Voicst, C-Mon & Kypski, Pete Philly &Perquisite, zZz, SKIP&DIE, Ruben Hein, Pink Oculus and Pieter de Graaf. REBIS also supports bands and artists on a project basis, helping out with specific needs like: business strategy, fundraising, project management and, or talent development.

Recently, artist manager Anouk van Esch jointed REBIS, bringing in new expertise and musical acts like Bongloard, PAX the humanoid and LOVE COUPLE.

REBIS continues to position itself as a boutique artist management firm, driven to bringing unique artists and pioneering music.

Nahuel Blaton

Anouk Van Esch


The term REBIS comes from Latin "res bina", meaning dual or double matter.

Its more specifically known as the alchemistic magnum opum, the outcome of a mystical process where opposites like the 'moon and sun', 'fire and water', 'spirit and matter', 'female and male', unite and merge into an illuminated state of being and, or substance.